Billboard | 16 in 1 Accessory Pack Kit
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16 in 1 Accessory Pack Kit


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1. Grip: This product is designed for the game console of PS VITA console, feel good and have a good non-slip design. A rear stand can be placed on any PS VITA console level viewing platform.

2. Touching stylus: The use of scrub process, feel good, easy to store and carry.

3. Headphones: This product is a 3.5mm stereo headset for PS VITA, PSP 3.5mm audio socket and all the console of digital products. Lightweight and comfortable design, reduce wear on the ears caused by prolonged pressure and discomfort.

4. Soft Card: Can scrape residual air bubbles and no damage to the protective film.

5. Protective Film: This product is protective film, which is suitable for ps vita console, effectively prevent screen scratches, wear resistance & is very strong.
With excellent transparency, which can effectively prevent blindfold, resist reflection, the body’s resistance to radiation.
6. EVA Bag: This product is designed for the PS VITA console versatile carrying case.Compatible with PSP2000 and PSP3000 console. 7.Cleaning Cloth: The use of high-quality fiber materials, which can effectively clean the dust and dirt on the console.

8. stra straps: pls hang console on the wrist by this product, effectively prevent the console to fall to ground due to slipped

Long strap: With excellent material, strong, durable

10. Whistle Pendant: This product of sound is crisp and clear, lightweight, easy to carry.

11.Card storage: It is used for contains PS VITA special memory CARDS, effectively prevent the memory card to be scraped.

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